Animal Heaven

Animal Heaven, a skyscape, tells the story in a timeline of animals that may have lived in the area through the geologic ages. Larger animals in fullscale are shown as clouds. Smaller animals floating in the air show a progression and diversity. Insects and other arthropods, not to scale, were added in 2009. Although some represent extinct branches, the focus is on prevalence and variation. Plants at the bottom of the mural were painted with the help of community members and represent a progression through time. The Animal Heaven mural is 120 feet by 17 feet located in a small park at the end of N Street in Davis California. It was originally painted in 1988 and repainted with the assistance of Stasia Tikkanen and memebers of the Davis community in 2009. Funding was by ART IN PUBLIC PLACES. Extinct animals are named and briefly described by the artist.


Jeannie's key to the mural

Animal Heaven: a mural of extinct animals from Davis, CA from Jeannie Moberly on Vimeo.

Video by Peter Labermeier on Community Day

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