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Babies - 2011 New Year's Mummers overtaking Philadelphia from Jeannie Moberly on Vimeo.

Did you hear that a mummer group got a bit out of hand last January 1? I've made a little slide show to document the incident. Turn up the speakers because there's some very interesting music by Corde. I think this is going to cheer you up for 5 1/2 minutes.

mummer peppers from Jeannie Moberly on Vimeo.

On New Year's 2012 the Golden Slipper mummer troupe performed a routine based on hot and cold chili peppers.Here is the story of how the peppers made their way to Philadelphia in a tribute to the diverse and wonderful places in New Jersey. The music is provided through creative commons by Thielus Grenon,, a piece called Quirky from the album Nectar in a Sieve (2011).

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