TITTER Jeannie Moberly 2016-2017

I Crawling
speckles on pavement sparkles
of fragments rough grated forms
sharp still cool still to
ungulate warmth
Passerby's objects strewn
glitter to attract me
sticky mound follows
crack past ant to streak long
little balls protrude tiny stick
to stick branching leaves
so small
voices repeating 
over my head.  Whish
whistling to feel infrasound murmur car hum
whirlwinds of fragile wisps
let led to gliding glitter glimpses
so (yes) 

II the Car
From  air stifled acrid
roaring nauseating entrapment
mini multi orbits spiked repeating
   That grassy sunlit clearing
I want to run and touch
breathe in the sex organs of plants
stop stop stop and give 
me grounded leg-stems
spread myself to air and light
lines follow in textures blurred  over
and over, stay with me
animate cloud pierced by flapping wings, spin up
to meet crotch nest 
soaring back to earth
dirt gravel pieces make
little hands dented

III Dreams
Touch the wallpaper, Jo
hills and holes miniscule.
Tell a secret, what? What?
Silly sister are you still awake?
No, I'm dreaming of overhead
struts tempered timber mouse
creaks settling to hide
mastodon bridged
ribs emerged earth crinked
crinkle bring it up breaking
through to artifice slapped
and nailed through to
rocking and roiling boughs
crepe paper smoother flex
brush left whirling 
moist infinitely beating hearts
above which fly so slowly
pinpricks through my covers
sending messages

IV Dolls
X X 
My baby. You're my baby
now babymine let me hold
 my baby
Never dropped but stuffed
between table leg corner
frightened did I hear you cry?
Heart or car plunged into
swish drip or flow down
the muddy hill washing
silt weeping slit slid
Babies in a row clothed in
wrap remnants woven
shred crump crumbles
one hundred flapping 
appendages, groom and
feed and sense flow spill
through nerves bathed in blue
life liquid – breathe in      
free food in my hand
engulf sustainment hold
me baby earth bulge

V Freedom
Tinny bell tune tears me out
of myself busy maker doer oh
person of objects move arrange
inner tentative workings. Rescuer of
waste cast rejected to
greater unknown uncared.
For oblivion mommy's
toil and tuckerings languish
to touch remove laugh
remorselessly ralph.
Future musings mentioned
questioned laying in the grass
cloud watching stuck on 
the block wanting to fly to the roof and away.
Miracle – given freedom to
roam, I know how to act,
invisible. Pulled on pulsed
running past reviled revelers
rickeled run,  rove rambled
remarked in memory

VI Non-verbal
Really really true, really?
really can't find path
around putter of pratings
patterned on mis- and in-
formation greedily gathered
by glimmer understood in
context of continued
searching self dreams.
Why follow flowing music
wiggle writhe jump
back from rebel cries
moved to wonder
moved to love distance
surpass shame sensed to
 turn twisting 
to twirl leap leaden to
fly, dancing too fast
flirt flitting, distant, avoid,
coyly creeping critically
bud unfolding.

VII  to the cave
Tools of mine dig deeply
my dimpled dwelling
of objects.  Crimped held examined
weigh to rip or repair.
So, crafty items
shopped considered opening
possibilities of combination
distorted purpose of
position proved not quite
the image yet something more
considered endless.
Brush pale cream, pursued
progress, no erasing,
struggle revealed struck
startings, some finished,
accept me this way handler
words unused, spilled to 
blot shaped certainty surely
preoccupied with substances
not edible consumed in innocence

VIII Ocean
Rollicking roils
undulating tumult
waves' unruly ride 
rocked again and back again
sly slipping to be
toss tumbled 
sunk over stuck flustered
but curious for variety
vain curtain torn opened
smothered gasp of mummy
wrap laughing. You want
me? I want vague enveloped
visions of available affirmations.
You thrust surge lift lather
froth foam whisper
to return to the sea. Big one.

IX  Man
Mysterious man can
I ever understand your
drives. You want what 
I have and I have nothing.
Not the story I tell protect
me guide me tell me how
every, mean and manner...
methods urged toward unknown
knowable realms of surpassed
superlatives. Oh mysterious
man your tender trys still
cringe to prevent crying out
to control parameters pierced
by some cryptic perspectivity
not quite sure. Extend yourself
to me. Hear me. Reach and I'll 
pull you in center anchored
hold hand held whole complete
so seriously clasped close return
revolving to escape.

X Work
Trinket of molded insignificant
genius, turn it over so
perfect unattainable with
hours marked by eating going
to the bathroom and sleep. 
Did I forget my chores? Aesthetics
unformed hint toward the
substance behind intricacies
investigated caught between
mimic and ruin flow of
substance through a sieve
of saved devalued decrepit
use. Devoured and regurgitated
untoward necessity. 
My skills turned away
direction rebounded and
hopes dimmed by repeated
rejections of important to less so
Possibilities, restricted roles, not
snuffed until suddenly realized

XI Food
Forgive me 
Unsuspecting plant flesh
and dear animal life trace not animate
sliced and lined to immerse
in hot oil or boiled, a touch
of your life's joy becomes my
own quickened in my
insatiable engine.  To gather
light arms out-spread in the
morning couldn't suffice.
one finished.  The next begun.
scrutinized ingredients toward
purposes softening impacts of
opulent nutrients soon spent
indeterminate ritual of vitual
fast to feast on your
flesh. Lick your lash for salt
tongue tips sugared suggestion
to lie on the table the stairs, the
doorway dripping delicious delirious
in the shower or just before me

XII Love
Insufficient well meaning
love almost touching souls
hobbled following lists of
things to do delineated
spelled crossed complete
breathing between lines liquid
slosh propulsion. I'm sorry
I can't have to ...... unasked
avoidance.  Snared in fashion's 
fisthold flit, compelled to check
each flower for unique
explanations of world's exploration
into a microcosm convoluted
understood then inexplicable.
Bearing down responsibility to
life's continuum. What
does the world think of me?
I'm sorry seems I could have 
figured something out blurry
bumbling upright ape I am.

XIII Bicycles
Machine between my legs
click soft clipped motion
translator rotation to
trajection toward cool
country roads winding  wooded
shadow play wheels weave
writhing riding repetition snatched a
flash of a woman
on a roof climbing for a cat. Corner
turned to hot pavement looming
zigzag blur of mirage reflections
passed by exhalation (exaltation) crazy
freedom human power. Through
crowd directed random dispersion
man-made environment is all asunder
repaired built incrementally.
Oops miscalculated slip
Black fingered restoration
laughing riding again around
the world 4 times and back home.

XIV Relationships
Didn't I lift longingly love's
over flowing cask? Didn't
I laugh unknowing unreasoned?
Didn't I wake each morning
stretch finding sweet kiss
caress eyes turned
within dream image? Its
meaning perplexed elusive
And when we gathered   
discussion laying bare illusions
smiling connect hurled through
chaotic disconnecting madness
to expect respect, my life's (nothing)
tiny attempt to explain noone's
coming to help us.  We're alone
except for each other.
Tenacious to breathe
once more, feel air's uncaring
repositioning through mumbled
orifice organ pipe melody...

XV Wishes
(we) Share shoulder 
stories guilt's gilded gift. Great oafs!
Unable to understand you I assumed
we were alike.  Unable to understand
you I assumed we were different
stand aside.  Breaking
through barriers bare breasted
shrieks of girlish gaiety burst
busting forward refusing regaining
nourished by each other and 
secret powers unpaid diminished
by rules we don't play by 
anymore.  Oh life lovers
touch gentle new grass slip
up window and take what's
free. Share with future life. 
Openly kiss the moon.
We'll meet again when time flows backward
 to build comprehensible
compensating hope.  

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